Fading Trail / JÄRNBÖRD / Horornisdiphonevalley / ABANGLUPA "No Blessing" CD



This is a full-length split of raging grind, hardcore and death metal featuring some of the best artists in their genres. Four bands, four songs each, from four different countries!

Fading Trail play vicious grindcore with some sludge influence. Hails from the metal capital of the world, Helsinki Finland.

Järnbörd is a 4 piece grindcore/hardcore band from south of Sweden. Relentlessly fast and always angry, featuring members from Ratad, Deranged, Pyramido, SlothPhantomMoth and more.

Horornisdiphonevalley is a one-man Japanese grindcore project. Epic and boundary-pushing with a unique use of synths!

Abanglupa is a politically charged death/grind from Philippines. They've been refining their craft since their debut "Of Rats & Swine", but stay true to themselves with that unmistakable HM2 guitar tone.