Black Metal Bundles

$14.00 - $28.00
Black Metal Bundles

Bundle #1:
-Kval "Laho" CD
-Harrow "Fragments of a Fallen Star" CD
+ Harrow Logo Sticker

Bundle #2:
-Frigoris ".​.​.​in Stille" CD
-The Haunting Green "Natural Extinctions" CD
-Liminal Shroud "Through the False Narrows" CD
-Sertraline "The streetlight was all we needed" CD
+ Liminal Shroud cover art magnet

Bundle #3:
-Fornace "My Journey is Ending but the Torment Will Be Eternal" CD
-The Wake "Earth's Necropolis" CD

Bundle #4:
-Feral Lord "Vires in Absoluto" CD
-TATTVA "Naraka" CDR